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Trainer Panel

The Trainer Panel is the most comprehensive ChessGrow Platform package and also a brilliant tool for every trainer. We have addressed all the training issues in chess. From now on it will be easy to manage working with your students while being gathered in one place. Tedious puzzle checking is now history. Just define the solution once, send it to your students and our Platform will do the rest. You can also use prepared content provided by us like puzzle and video sets. A trainer looking for new students will not find a better place for presenting their offer to a wider audience!

Player Panel

The Player Panel is all about rapid development. To make the training more efficient, we have moved all of its components into the virtual world. From now on the player will be able to solve puzzles not only with one side but with both sides! Just like in the real world! The student can also watch Video Sets based on their level and in their native language. Players will have a Trainers pool at their disposal which will allow them to find the right trainer to work with them. Chess training has never been so simple and easy!

Parent Panel

We also have not forgotten about the Parents, who today are an important link in chess training and who want to have control over their children's progress. The free Parent Panel gives the parent an overview of their child's profile which contains all the necessary statistics. The Parent Panel also allows access to the Trainers and Parents pool, thus allowing them to manage their child's career and contacts in the world of chess.

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Puzzle Sets for you

The Puzzle Library on the ChessGrow Platform is not just the collection of random puzzles. We went one step further and prepared special Puzzle Sets! These are virtual books created for specific levels and motifs. Our detailed filters will make it easy to find the materials you require. In addition to thematic puzzle sets in the library, you will also find author bundles of leading chess players and trainers!

Training videos

Our Video Library is the tour-the-force of ChessGrow! Watch instructional videos recorded by top chess players and trainers translated into your language. All our videos are matched to your chess strength: from learning the rules, through the detailed training in openings, middle and end-game techniques and culminating in GM Radosław Wojtaszek preparing you to take on the World Champion.


Having problems with regular training? Unsure of how many tasks per day to solve? Our ChessGrow Calendar is the solution. Just select the correct puzzle set or video, set up parameters in the calendar and our system will remind you which tasks need to be completed.